Siri & John - Words To A New Mother, From A Husband:

The moment we met you shook my hand with both of yours and I knew you were powerful beyond measure and my love for you was beyond description. A wise man once told me that we meet people for a season, a reason, or for life. In that moment I knew we had met for all three, and that my life had forever changed for the better.

Some seasons have come and gone, and new reasons for our meeting continue to emerge as we grow together. As we enter a new season of our life together, I am witnessing your power expanding from women to mother; a shift that has been nothing short of miraculous. I am honoured to be in your presence. I am humbled by your power. I am beyond thankful to have met you and to meet you again, and again, and again..

I have been cracked open in the most gentle of ways through our ongoing meetings, and I know that the birth of our child is going to open us even more and love we never knew was possible will come pouring out. I love you and am excited to see what reasons and seasons life has in store for us.